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YOU Are Your Own First Love♥️

Theresa Zollicoffer
Twin Soul Connections

I love what I do and I do it out of love and passion...if you also enjoy my work please feel free to leave a donation via or cash app $karmicstar
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I Got The Keys

I hear your cries, I feel your pain, your heart is broken, but the mind is sane.. Come my child and take my hand as I give you the opportunity to turn your pain into power... I pass to you the keys of success that will unlock the doors to your happiness...but there's a catch oh indeed you can't look back or you will lose EVERYTHING! Follow me as I guide you through the gates of freedom with your requests of love I will speak and they will hear. I got you child no need for fear! 
Theresa Star✨ Zollicoffer Self Relationship Coach Twin Soul Connections❤️🖤 🗝️🚪🛤️
I love my work and I do it out of passion. If you also enjoy my work and to keep my blog going strong please feel free to give a  donation via cash app $karmicstar or PayPal.
Always remember the 4 🗝️🗝️🗝️🗝️ of life...  Live💃Love❤️Laugh🤣 and Let go🙅🏾‍♀️

Born Awakened

I AM in the stage of growth like seeds that I've planted around me making a foundation as I water and nuture its roots with in the dirt like a lotus flower growing big & strong covering me up as my TREE OF LIFE protects MY journey, MY path, MY love within bearing the forbidden fruit of knowledge that once ripe only the WORTHY will be able to grasp it, taste it & make you WHOLE once more. ARE YOU READY? I AM
Theresa Star Zollicoffer Self Relationship Coach 💯 Twin Soul Connections ❤️

The Prison Wives Diaries

Being involved with a man that is incarcerated takes a toll on a woman and her family. What was once a happy home has now been torn apart due to an ignorant decision made by her husband/significant other. This book is based on women who are going through the trials and tribulations of being married or involved with men in the prison system and how they remain strong when it comes to being faithful, keeping sane and making ends meet.
Now available on AMAZON
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Just Let It Be!

Try not to focus on “letting go" but rather, just let it be. Accept the situation as it is. The breakup, the pain — all of it. This is your reality right now. Don’t resist it. Feel all that you need to feel, learn all its lessons. Let this experience teach you about people, love, relationships, life, and especially about yourself. Breakups are an incredible opportunity for self-awareness and growth in general.
The breakup is causing you pain, but don’t prolong this pain by attaching yourself to the role of “heartbroken and stuck.” See yourself as healing, as simply experiencing life. Go with the flow; let the pain flow through you and carry you through the necessary stages of grief. The more you fight it, the longer it takes. Breakups don’t need to make us bitter. Breakups can make us better. Don’t struggle to let it go, just let it be and the pain will let go of you.
Theresa Zollicoffer Self Relationship Coach & Wedding Officiant Twin Soul Connections

The War Within

Life is way too short to spend it at war with yourself. beating yourself up over and over about every little thing will not magically make everything better. you must stop with the negative self-talk. it is getting you nowhere. what happened, happened, and you can’t erase that. no amount of self-hatred can. so today, start over. choose to move forward with your life. you are not a bad person, or a failure, or a disappointment. you cannot go back in time and change things. what you can do, is change the future. you can get through this. your pain won’t last forever. give yourself time to heal. take life day by day. every day you survive is a step forward. be patient with yourself. growth is painful. be proud of yourself for how far you’ve come. push through. keep fighting. this too shall pass.

You Are Enough

The greatest kind of love is the one that leaves you feeling content. It reminds you that you will always be enough to be the reason for their smile. Just by existing, you are bringing hope and light to change the world for a person who inspires you to be GREAT by making you realize that everything you need is within you, and that’s the kind of love that heals. The kind of love that asks nothing else from you than for you to be who you are because you are already whole to begin with.